What connects us

It’s not a feeling.

Although emotions may be evoked from it.
There’s no bed of roses for you to lay upon or a happily ever after to look forward to. It never gets better or worse. Falling into it is like skydiving without a parachute, as long as you believe that the Earth exists. If you spend your entire life trying to find it, it will forever hide from you. It can’t be found; it is created. You can’t give it to others without giving it to your self first. It sometimes hides in a birthday present, an engagement ring, that ugly blue shirt that you received from your aunt for Easter; without it those items hold only false value. The better you get at giving it, the more it can hurt you in return.
But that’s okay.
It’s the only hurt in the world that feels absolutely amazing to experience. It’s an understanding. Knowing that you are not mine. My mother. My friend. My brother. My lover. My enemy. The fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off; you are now free to move about your life. It’s a realization that the most beautiful experience of life is the ability to choose, then gifting that experience to every living thing imaginable.

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