My name is Derrick. I’m a lover of climbing



                                                                   words. I love writing. Moreover, I love the ways in which words can be sewn together like the most exquisite evening gown, tastefully draped over the delicate curves of a woman’s body. I love how words are more than a collection of letters; they are the chocolate syrup on two scoops of vanilla ice cream, sliding down the white flaky mounds of sugar and milk like a man punch-drunk on love slides his way down his date’s front porch stairs after dropping her off at her door with a goodnight kiss. When I have the luxury of words, I am the composer writing a musical masterpiece, or the conductor as he directs it. I am the painter as she feels the stroke of her paintbrush glaze against the canvas, listening to the muted static sound it creates as it soaks the cotton in a robust flavor of burgundy.

 This blog is a compilation of my thoughts and my story. I write about both because to me, they’re a fun challenge to describe. Take it with a grain of salt and a bag of laughs, because my idea of serious is better experienced as subscription radio than an emotional state. And for those who aren’t fans of words, I have been ever so kind to include pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure. Cheers!


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